Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cream O' The Crop

Reading about the new Battle Missions Kill Team, and always up for converting some cool looking dudes, I threw my hand to making a Kill Team for my Chaos Space Marines. The theme? A team of Chosen Fallen who troll the galaxy in hopes of sowing the seeds of violence and dissension. I chose Chosen because I love the idea of infiltrating space marines. I'd have given them all sniper rifles, too, if I could.

Now I had to represent these soldiers as the strongest warriors available to an army of super-humans. I decided that I'd arm them with over-powered weapons as these Marines have no qualms about bringing a gun to a knife fight. Thus I ended up with what you see below, though i need two more:


Chosen with Powerfist, Infiltrate, feel no pain (Represents a imposing hand to hand figure who ignores small arms as he steamrolls through the enemy)
Chosen with Meltagun, Infiltrate, Turbo boost (Represents a marine whose strength is to pop in and fry his victims before they can respond, one who must try to avoid being pinned down in hand to hand combat. A wing like cloak shows this marines demonic ability to move at high speeds.)
Chosen with AutoCannon, Infiltrate, Relentless (Represents a relentless tank of a man whose team mates depend on for ranged support)
Chosen with Twin-linked bolter, Infiltrate
Chosen with Twin-linked bolter, Infiltrate
Chosen with Melta-bombs, Infiltrate
Chosen with Infiltrate
And that is about 4 points shy of 200, I believe.

I've been having fun trying to come up with some background for these guys. All I have so far is that they are a highly trained team of mercenaries who believe it obliterating the enemy without being dragged into long, drawn out combats. Rather than having specialists, each member is simply outfitted to preform in a particular role that any of them could just as easily fill if the need arises.

I have enough points left over to buy two more guys. I was considering taking out the power weapon and fielding a rhino with a HML to represent a missile truck, but I was afraid that fielding a vehicle did not really fit into a scenario centered around the idea of a desperate group of warriors pitted against the odds on a regular basis.

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