Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Massacre at Minister Square

The Rampagers. They are a chapter of loyal Space Marines who excel in fast and ferocious assaults. Ranks of experienced techmarines carefully maintain the bikes, razorbacks and dreadnoughts that provide the bulk of the assault force, supported by row upon row of honoured battle brother. Not only do these fierce warriors prove themselves in the thickest fighting against the strongest foe, but they also make up one half of the twin chapters protecting an outlying planet near the Eye of Terror. Constantly at war with endless chaos raids, the Rampagers take the fight to the enemy while the Bone Giants erect the necessary defenses to repel any prolonged Chaos incursions. For a long time, the two chapters worked in unison, demonstrating how the individual strengths of the Emperor’s finest have protected the Imperium in countless campaigns…until…

It was during one of Abbandon’s black crusades, when Chaos activity flourished all along the Eye of Terror. All elements of both the Rampagers and the Bone Giants deployed to every planet in the system. The Bone Giants had their hands full clearing a safe zone from which the Rampagers could launch their ground assaults. Pushing back the Chaos forces that had overrun the majority of the system, the Bone Giants not only carved out a base of operations, but turned entire continents into a complex systems of earthworks where their skills were best put to use. No matter were the enemy was, they would face the siege specialists in trench warfare. Due to their assault expertise, the Rampagers spent most of the war in ship-to-ship battles, letting the Bone Giants clear the planets and wait for their counterparts to lend their support. It wasn’t until the climax of the war that the Bone Giants even saw the Rampagers. At the crux of the fighting, when the Bone Giants had cornered the Warmaster responsible for uniting the warbands in the sector, the Rampagers dedicated the bulk of their forces to over-running the Chaos defenses in the Warmaster’s fortress. Already weakened by the extended fighting with the Bone Giants, the Warmaster and his army crumbled and Col Von Lionex struck down the arch-fiend with his power sword before grinding the traitor’s body beneath the spinning wheels of his bike. For his bravery, Col Von Lionex and his Rampagers were awarded with 5 complete suits of Terminator Armour, the celebration of which would occur once the entire chapter had assembled on the system’s prime planet…and in the shadows of his chapter’s trenches, seething with envy, the chapter master of the Bone Giants, Lord Prayce, looked upon his battle brother’s with contempt.

A Horde of traitors clog the roads leading to Westminster square.

Lord Prayce, along with a good many of his chapter, believed that they had been slighted. Not only did the Rmpagers have little use for the terminator armour, which they spurned in favour of their bikes and razorbacks, but in addition, it had been the Bone Giants who had identified, isolated and weakened the Warmaster in the first place. The prestige and, more importantly, the equipment was rightfully theirs. As the days went by, Lord Prayce began to plot more and more of how to avenge this dishonour until he was finally consumed by his hatred for Col Von Lionex. As the day of the celebration drew near, Prayce initiated his plan to gain the Tactical Dreadnought Armour and escape to take his revenge on the rest of the Imperium. His problem was that some parts of the Bone Giants remained loyal to the Imperium, supporting their battle brothers in the ranks of the Rampagers. Prayce would have to separate his forces. (to be continued).

Bone Giant traitor crewed Predators fire relentlessly into the closely packed ranks of their former brethren.