Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bring in the Big Guns

So I sat down a week or so ago and converted an add-on for my rhinos. I do not think the hull mounted demolisher is bad, but I liked the idea of a turret mounted big gun instead. So I went with that, using pink foam as a base and bit-bashing a bunch of pieces together to give it a sort of WW tank look....just with a bigger gun. Now I need to find time to actually play test....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aim of the Game

For the past year, I have focused on using my minis in apocalypse games. I do not get out to the hobby stores very often, so when I do, I like to bring everything to the table. Lately, however, I have been trying to use the nerfed Chaos codex (yes I am still bitter about that) to make a decent 1000 pt army. In the face of new awesome models and a slew of cool new rules, the Chaos codex is looking more and more just plain boring. On the other hand, I like how they few good units are versatile and resilient, two attributes I rather fancy in my units. My idea is to field two units of CSM with autocannons with Rhinos tricked out with Havoc Missle launchers. These are dedicated to anti-infantry. However, they can also deal with light armour. They are supported by two units of 2 Obliterators which can switch back and forth between anti-infantry and anti-tank. I think those are solid choices.

Here is where I am unsure of my picks. First, I want to include a vindicator. With the two rhinos and the oblits, I think I have enough of a target rich environment to risk this thing on the field. While the template weapon is good for mass infantry, I am not so certain how this will preform against armour heavy armies. But then, I would have to play test it, wouldn't I? Secondly, I am not sure how to handle my HQ. I want to try a Tzeentch Daemon Prince with Bolt of Change. The idea being it will take care of any nasty surprises that deploy close to my troops and it can fire at approaching armour. But he has a target on his head the size of the vindicator...which is not necessarily a bad thing. I want target rich environments against shooty armies.

Anyway, so far I have the two units painted (but need autocannons instead of plasma/flamers) and the daemon prince almost done. I have the two rhinos and three obilterators. I need to convert an add on for my third rhino to change it into a vindicator and somehow find a fourth obliterator.


I have also done some work on my terminators. I want to complete a unit first though and see how they look together. With the advent of the Blood Angels codex, I also may change my terminator army idea if I can fit them into a blood angel army....that Saguinary angel looks goooooooood. And this is what I like about having an army to play with already, any secondary armies are just about the models, not about the game.